XI 自测题 I

准备XI Developer Certification Exam的自测题 1:

1. Which of the following statements about Asynchronous messages are true

  1. Processed with QoS EO or EOIO.
  2. Queued for processing by the IE
  3. Persisted on the IS & can be resent if with problem
  4. Processed in separated pipeline from synchronous messages
  5. Not persisted on the IS unless logging is switched on

suggest answer: 1,2,3

2. When is the runtime cache of IS & AFrefreshed

  1. Changelists in ID are actived
  2. Configuration of ID is saved
  3. Starting SXI_CACHE
  4. Refreshing SXI_MONITOR

suggest answer: 1

3. Monitor functions of RWB are

  1. Message Monitor
  2. Persistance Layer Analysis
  3. Component Monitor
  4. IDoc Monitor

suggest answer: 1,3

4. Which is  the function of local instance of the Intergration Engine?

  1. It allows the application server to function as a de-central adapter engine.
  2. It allows AS to function as sender or receiver of messages in the native XI-SOAP format
  3. It can communicate with the SLD
  4. Any AS can be Intergration Server with it.

suggest answer: 2

5. XI pipeline is:

  1. an integration server on an application system
  2. used only in AF
  3. a configured sequence of pipeline services
  4. a proxy object in Java runtime
  5. an integration engine configured as a HUB

suggest answer: 3

6. Which are true about XI message format?

  1. XI message is sent as MIME document.
  2. XI format is a commonly accepted format in SOAP-compliant systems.
  3. Extending SOAP format, enhancing basic capablities of Web Services to include additional, value-added functionality.
  4. XI format is Offical SOAP spec.
  5. SOAP body of XI message contains a Manifest element, which points to the actual document.

suggest answer: 3,5

 7. Which is correct about alert?

  1. Alert cannot generate fax
  2. Alert of XI is entirely implemented in Java
  3. Alert of XI takes advatage of CCMS
  4. Alert of XI does not take advatage of CCMS
  5. Must use CCMS monitor (RZ20) to view alerts.

suggest answer: 3

8. Which XI components run at ABAP layer?

  1. SLD, IB, BPE
  2. IB, IE
  3. Integration PE,IE
  4. RWB, IB, Mapping Runtime
  5. IB, BPE,IE

suggest answer: 3

9. To import IDoc in IR, you must do...

  1. The connection parameters of backend sap system must be spcified in Software component version.
  2. You must have administrator authorization of XI
  3. You must log on a user that has authorizations required to import interfaces
  4. The import interfaces must be permitted ofr SCV ofr which you want ot import interfaces from an SAP system

suggest answer: 1,3,4

10. An adapter is configured in ..

  1. Collaboration Profile
  2. Business scenario
  3. Communication Channel
  4. Collaboration Agreement
  5. Receiver Determination

suggest answer:  3

 11. Which are true about PCK?

  1. PCK is not based on Adapter Framework
  2. PCK requires an adapter engine or proxy to communicate natively with XI
  3. PCK is base on Adapter Framework
  4. PCK is co-development of SAP & Webmethods
  5. PCk supports B2B messaging

 suggest answer:  3, 5


 12. WSDL is used for description which types of proxy?

  1. Java and ABAP proxy
  2. Neither Java nor ABAP proxy
  3. Java proxy
  4. ABAP proxy

suggest answer: 1

 13. Intergration Process is ...

  1. able to send and receive messages.
  2. assigned to a communication channel as part of a Collabration Agreement
  3. an executable cross-system process
  4. not a part of configuration process
  5. required for configuring scenarios in ID

suggest answer: 1, 3

14. BPE is ..

  1. a component of J2EE stack of the SAP Web AS
  2. an enhancement of SAP Web AS Workflow Engine
  3. a replacement for SAP Web AS Workflow Engine
  4. an add-on component that is installed using transaction SAINT.

suggest answer: 2

15. In order to set up the content-based routing in receiver determination, you should..

  1. Use the condition editor to enter conditions (XPATH/Context Object) for routing.
  2. Can only do this by using the configuration assistant
  3. Write a value mapping function in the IR and import it into ID
  4. Specify alternative identifiers in the definition of the Party

suggest answer: 1

16. Sender Communication Channel..

  1. defines how and adapter transforms a message so that it can be processed by the IE during inbound processing
  2. is not nessary if all of the development objects exist in the same namespace.
  3. define how an adapter transform  a message so that it can be processed by the receiver during outbound processing
  4. is used as basis of creating configuration objects in the business senario configurator.

suggest answer: 1

 17. What do you do in a Collaboration Agreement?

  1. Define the security setting for specific sender/receiver pairs
  2. Import a business process into the ID
  3. Define the flow of messages in a system landscape
  4. Document the technical options available to the communication parties for exchangng messages.

suggest answer: 4

18.What is the association between the Product Version and Software Component Version?

  1. Software Feature
  2. Common Information Component
  3. A Namespace

suggest answer: 1

19. Which component of Adapter Engine allow the Adapter to work with guaranteed delivery (EO or EOIO) protocols.

  1. Message Queue and PCK
  2. Module proceccor and RNIF adapter
  3. Message Queue and Message Store
  4. Module Processor and AE cache
  5. Message Queue and RNIF adapter

suggest answer:  3

20. The object sender agreement and receiver agreement ...

  1. is important for the adapter engine.
  2. is important for the technical rountine in the XI Pipeline
  3. specify a binding between an interface and a communication channel
  4. is defined in the IR
  5. contain additional security setting , such as certificates

suggest answer: 1,2,3

 21. Which of the following mapping types are supported in XI?

  1. XSLT
  2. .Net
  3. JAVA
  4. ABAP
  5. C++

suggest answer: 1,3,4

22. A message with EOIO fails in IE, you find that the first entry in the queue is in status SYSFAIL and all the subsequent entries are in  status 'Transaction recorded' ,How should you proceed to resolve this situation?

  1. Delete the entire queue.
  2. From SXMB_MONI, restart or cancel the message
  3. Select the first queue entry, choose 'Delete LUW' then unlock the queue.
  4. Select the first queue entry, choose 'Execute LUW'.

suggest answer:  2

23. XI provides encryption at transport level and at the message level, in which cases is message-level encryption supported?

  1. With the XI protocol
  2. With the ABAP user store
  3. With JAS authentication
  4. With RosettaNet

suggest answer: 1, 4

 24. The XBQIx queue to be stopped. This will impact messages for which QoS?

  1. EOIO
  2. BE
  3. EO

 suggest answer: 1

25. Messages based on the sRFC protocol translate to which Quality of Service in SAP XI?

  1. EOIO
  2. Receiver Grouping
  3. BE
  4. Message Split
  5. EO

suggest answer: 3

26. Which is a component of XI?

  1. Adapter Framework
  2. RWB
  3. MDM
  4. SLD
  5. IS

suggest answer: 1,2,4,5

27. During the receiver determination step, multiple receivers are found for a given message. Which of the following holds true?

  1. If EOIO, an error occurs
  2. Original Message is delivered to the first receiver in list, and a copy is generated for each additional receiver.
  3. if BE, an error occurs
  4. The processing of the original message stops, and a number of copies is generated.

suggest answer: 3,4

28. SLD Bridge allows systems to register themselves in SLD, What other component is required for this functionality ?

  1. Adapter Framework
  2. IS
  3. Data Supplier
  4. PCK
  5. RFC Adapter

suggest answer: 3

29. When monitor workflow which start by XI Integration Process, which are vailded status?

  1. Cancelled
  2. Repressed
  3. Started
  4. Error
  5. Trasitioned

suggest answer:  1, 3, 4

30. Which is accurate about end-to-end monitoring?

  1. It provides a business-level view on the status of a message within the complete chain of process steps.
  2. It's a new system monitoring tool which focuses on scenarios combing XI and ALE/IDoc.
  3. It's similar in scope to the solution manager
  4. It provides central monitoring of technical process instances

suggest answer: 1

31. Which tasks are assigned to the Intergration Engine

  1. Save XML Messages
  2. Create XML Messages
  3. Receive XML Messages
  4. Process XML Messages

suggest answer: 1, 3, 4

32. In XI pipeline which sequence of steps are corrected?

  1. It depends, since the sequence of steps can be customized in the 'pipeline definition' menu
  2. Receiver Determination, Interface Determination, Message Brach, Mapping, Technical Routing
  3. Mapping, Receiver Determination, Interface Determination, Message Brach, Technical Routing

suggest answer: 2