XI 自测题 III

准备XI Developer Certification Exam的自测题 3:

1. XML messaging is used in XI to implement tight coupling. (F)

2. Integration Engine is a Product to be used at runtime and relies on content of Integration Directory (T)

3. SLD is an Open architecture, based on CIM (T)

4. Synchronous communication makes use of Q.S, “Best effort“ ONLY. (T)

5. Asynchronous communication makes use of Q.S, exactly-once-in-order ONLY (F)

6. Adapter framework based on Java Connector Architecture (JCA). (T)

7. Security enrichments for B2B consists of Digital Signature AND Encryption (T)

8. Partner Connectivity Kit enable partners of XI customers to conduct XML document exchange with XI  (T)

9. Products are collections of Software Components and both Software Products and Components exist in versions. (T)

10. In the Software Catalog we define each Technical System in the landscape. (F)

11. The relationship between a software product and its constituent components is described in the SLD by an association called a Software Feature. (T)

12. SAP XI utilizes two types of content: mention those. (ID, IR)

13. Mention the 3 dimensions of System . (Technical, Transport, Solution)

14. SLD is based on Configuration Information Model (CIM) of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) (T)

15. SLD is also the basis for SAP Solution Manager (T)

16. XI Integration is interface-driven. (T)

17. Message types and Data types are defined as XML Schema (XSD) (T)

18. The Interface type corresponds to the root of the XML message (T)

19. The Message Interface is the highest-level representation of XML metadata (T)

20. Adapters convert messages from XI protocol (SOAP with attachments over Http) to the respective protocol spoken by the application and vice versa (T)