BPM Patterns

SAP delivers 10 typical patterns, namespace is http://sap.com/xi/XI/System/Patterns

Collect:Collecting several messages and merge them into one message.

  1. Different ways to stop collecting
    1. Payload-dependent
    2. Time-dependent (infinite loop)
    3. Receiving a stop message (with fork step, infinite loop)
  2. Collecting messages from different interfaces
    1. Collecting all messages (with fork, complete when all branch have been processed)
    2. Collecting based on a condition (system check condition in sequece your specified)

Multicast: sending a message to multiple receivers and waiting for a response message from each of receivers

  1. Sending simultaneously (ParForEach)
  2. Sending to one after the other (ForEach)

Serialization: defining the sequence in which a process sends received messages.You can specify that the process must wait for an acknowledgement from the receiver each time that it sends a message.

  1. One start message (receive messages one by one)
  2. Multiple start message (receive messages in parallel)

Sync/Async Bridge: Communication between a synchronous and an asynchronous business system.