The Code of Living


  Every person has a dark side to his nature. In each of our lives there appears a great temptation whic appeals to the lower aspect of our character. If we manage to resist the enticement, it is an occasion which may allow us to hold our heads high for the rest of our lives. If by chance, however, we are too sorely lured, we may imperil our very future and rupture relationships, destory that which is dear to us, and embark on a path which will seal our fate.

  To keep clear of concealment, to keep clear of the need of concealment, to do nothing which he might not do out on the middle of Boston Common at noonday -- I cannot say how more and more it seems to me to be the glory of a young man's life. It is an awful hour when the first necessity of hiding anything comes, the whole of life is different thenceforth. When there are questions to be feared and eyes to be avoided and subjects which must not be touched, then the bloom of life is gone. Put off that day as long as possible. Put it off forever if you can.