User Defined Advanced Message Searching

PI 7.31 supports the searching upon payload content. The basic steps are:

  1. Create searching criteria and specify the key field of message payload

  2. Generate searching index for messages in a period

  3. Searching messages by terms

Here is an example:

We want to search a key field value in message payload, the field name is 'custmoerCode':

Create a filter based on the Sender/Receiver Component; interface and namespace, then set the status to 'Active'

Create a new search criteria choose XPath: /customerInfos/crmCustomerInfo/customerCode

After created filter and search criteria, we can start to index the messages:

If there are amount of messages, the indexing will be for a long time. When indexing is done, we can use the search criteria to search the payload content in message monitoring page.

Select the option box 'User defined search critiria', and click 'Add Predefined' button:

Specify the search value, click OK

The search result will displayed in grid.