Using DBeaver to connect SAP HANA DB

We used the lastest version of SAP ME in current project which using SAP HANA DB as primary database instance.

The DBeaver is a helpful & useful tool to handle tables & views of the next generation database: SAP HANA DB.

2015-8-14 10-10-25.png

1, Download the DBeaver from official site, choose the OS platform and bit version (x86 or x64)

Please notice that the DBeaver 32 bit or 64 bit should be same as the JVM bit version.

For example, if your OS is Win 7 x64 but installed oracle JRE 8.0 x86, then DBeaver windows 32 bit should be chosen. Otherwise, you can download the installer packed with JRE adn DBeaver together.

2, Install DBeaver

3, Download JDBC Driver of SAP HANA DB

It can be found in

Copy it to DBeaver plugins sub-folder:

2015-8-14 10-48-40.png

4, Create new connection, select connection type as SAP -> HANA DB

2015-8-14 10-50-27.png

5, Click the 'Edit driver setting' button

2015-8-14 10-51-32.png

6, Adding ngdriver.jar into library list

2015-8-14 10-53-07.png

7, Click test connection to verify your setting.

8, Then tasks can be processed in DBeaver GUI