SAP PI Dynamic SOAP Action Setting

Usually we can only set one SOAP Action in the communication channel (AKA CC). But in real senario, we may meet such issue, we have to sending different messages via one CC, due to the receiver only have one web services binding with many operations and using different actions to handle the operations.

In PI SOAP Adapter (soap 1.1 with standard adapter), we may setting the dynamic configurations of adapters variables by UDF.


In UDF, we create a DynamicConfigrationKey as "THeaderSOAPACTION", namespace using "http://sap.com/xi/XI/System/SOAP".

And assign the action name as value of this key, for example "http://tempuri.org/ABC".

The in IR, we create a CC, type of SOAP (receiver)


Check the option "Use Adapter-Specific Message Attributes" - which is for the dynamic attributes in SOAP Header setting by Adapter.

Check the option "Variable Transport Binding" - which is for HTTP header setting.


We can also set the servcie URL dynamically via "TServerLocation" variable.