JCE download and installation

SAP Note: 1240081

For SAP JVM 8.1:

  • go to above mentioned URL

  • proceed straight to:

  • Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 8

For a plain SAP JVM you install the policy files by extracting the downloaded ZIP archive to:

  • <path to>/sapjvm_{4,5,...}/jre/lib/security/

e.g.: <path to>/sapjvm_7/jre/lib/security

  • To manually install the policy files in an SAP NetWeaver AS Java system, extract the downloaded ZIP archive to the central SAP JVM location and restart the system:


e.g.: /usr/sap/N73/SYS/exe/jvm/linuxx86_64/sapjvm_6.1.064/sapjvm_6/jre/lib/security

  • Software logistic tools such as SUM or SWPM also ask for custom policy files during upgrade/installation. In that case you mostly need to give those tools the path to the unextracted ZIP archive.