Overview of Eneterprise Capabilities of SCP


  1. SAP Cloud Platform Integration is as follows:

    1. Pre-packaged integration content hub in cloud - "Discover, Configure, Manage"

    2. Cloud based technology with subscription-based usage

    3. Compatible with SAP PI content (ex. mapping)

  2. SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity

    1. Allows secure integration with on-premise systems

  3. SAP Cloud Platform API Management

    1. Simple, scalable and secure access to digital assets through APIs

    2. Enables developers communities to consume these APIs

  4. SAP HANA Smart Data Integration

    1. Real-time replication data

    2. Physical bulk/batch movement

    3. Federation in a unified framework

  5. SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules

    1. Encapsulates business logic from application logic

    2. Enabling business key users and application developers to change the decision logic without re-writing the application

  6. SAP API Business Hub

    1. Discover APIs of a range of different SAP solutions in a central catalog

    2. Access to APIs in sandbox systems

  7. SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging

    1. Cloud-based messaging framework that enables you to connect applications, servies, and devices across different technologies.

  8. RabbitMQ on SAP Cloud Platform

    1. Open source message broker

    2. Robust messaging between applications

  9. SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning

    1. Expose business data and business logic from on-premises SAP syatems as standards-based services

    2. Re-uses and leverages SAP investment in on-premise SAP systems

  10. SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

    1. Orchestrates a sequence of tasks across different people and organizations.