SAP CPI 1808 Release


Release Note

Based on customer's and your feedback we simplified our message processing log representation, especially for the log level Trace. We plan to enable navigation support from the model step to the corresponding log entry in one of the next increments.

We also continue to enhance our connectivity options.

As the OData v4 specification get's adopted we deliver the first version of our corresponding receiver adapter. I look forward to your adoption and feedback in order to prioritize the future increments accordingly.

For the sftp receiver adapter we added the frequently asked support for the SAP Cloud Connector. With this option you may now connect to your on-premise sftp-server.

For the quality of service "Exactly Once" in your XI adapter related scenarios we added an ID-mapping capability. This increment complements our support for the QoS "EO".

Our OData Service provisioning missed $batch support. We close this gap with 1810.

For an improved B2B scenario support we continue our investments in our Integration Content Advisor (ICA).

The ICA team delivered in close co-operation with the Process Orchestration development program the run-time support for PI/PO. This enables our customers to consume the values provided by the ICA in their on-premise integration scenarios.